• This is a beta version of Devotech iDAS v12.1 which is made available for user feedback before the final release on 03 December 2020

  • Use for non-productive drawings

  • Updates will be given through on a weekly basis

Known issues

  • Water network pipes cannot be closed (a specific workaround for a system curve analysis is needed at this point)

  • Water graphs are only displayed if the analysis duration >= 24 h

  • Gate Valves, Check Valves and Throttle Control Valves are not supported in the analysis

  • The time series assigned to storm and sewer structures are removed when analysed

  • Storm and sewer transition structures (used for channels and culverts) are not supported

  • The column displaying water maximum velocity always shows 0 value

  • Storm, sewer, water reticulation and bulk water wizards require the empty network to be created beforehand

  • Import TOT gives Active X error on some Civil 3D versions

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