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Devotech Licensing Optoins

Devotech iDAS offers two licensing options, standalone and cloud license.


Standalone License

Standalone Licenses can only be activated on the number of computers equal to the number of licenses purchased, for instance, if two licenses are purchased, they can only be installed on two computers. No internet connection is needed to run Devotech iDAS, only during the registration process.


The Standalone Licenses are ideal for individuals or smaller teams requiring only a few individuals to access the Devotech iDAS software.



Cloud License (Network License)

The Cloud License is Devotech’s version of a Network License (Multi-user), meaning the software can be installed on multiple computers; however, at any one time, only the number of licenses purchased can run simultaneously. The difference between a Cloud and a Network License is that the license information is accessed from the cloud making it accessible from anywhere and at any time.


An internet connection is required to obtain the license. Once the license is booked out for a computer, an internet connection is no longer needed. When Autodesk Civil 3D or the computer is restarted, an internet connection is necessary to obtain a Devotech iDAS Cloud License. Any internet connection can be used to obtain a Devotech iDAS Cloud License (mobile, WIFI, cable) and there is no need for a VPN.


A Devotech iDAS Cloud License cannot be borrowed. Users can access a license from anywhere. An Internet connection is necessary to obtain the license, and a company license needs to be available.


Cloud Licenses are ideal for larger teams that require numerous individuals to access the Devotech iDAS software from multiple locations.


“Thank you so much for the assistance you gave us this week - we were under so much pressure and managed to get somewhere. 

We risked tainting our reputation with our UK office, but thanks to you we look like super stars.

Thanks again for your timeous assistance, positivity and availability.  We really appreciate it!!” 


—  Joana Ferro, ARUP

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