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Export water analysis results from Civil 3D using iDAS Pipe Manager

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

How to export results from running a successful water network analysis in the Devotech iDAS Pipe Manager:


Go to Report - Analysis Report, right-click in the area where the results are displayed and use the Select All command. Right-click again and use the Copy command:

You can paste the results to other editors.

You can use Statistics to display specific results which can assist you in editing the results afterwards. Once you change the Statistics, re-run the analysis to update the Analysis Report:


Most of the grids (tables) in the iDAS Pipe Manager offer an Export Grid command from the right-click menu. This command exports the entire grid to an Excel file:

You can specify if you want to export the results for a specific time period, or if you want to export the maximum values:



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