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Infrastructure Design Automation Suite (iDAS)

Devotech iDAS provides the engineering industry with automated design functionality with your Autodesk® Civil 3D® interface.

Sustainable Design and Analysis for Civil Engineers

Devotech provides civil engineers with next-generation design and analysis software that is focused on ultimate efficiency and productivity.  Devotech iDAS is an automated modelling, design and analysis solution that seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D, allowing you to take your project from conceptual design to construction drawings in a fraction of typical design time.

Supported C3D versions-2024 Update 1.png

Optimised Performance and Effectiveness with Modelling Automation

Devotech iDAS transforms AutoCAD and Civil 3D objects into catchments, road networks, stormwater, sewer, and water systems within seconds.  Vertical alignments, profile views, corridors and construction drawings are produced automatically. The automated modelling process allows the engineers to focus on the design with less time spent on modelling.

Typical workflow example: convert polylines to road corridors

Roads-Corridor Wizard-Update1.gif

Advanced Modelling, Design, and Integrated Analysis

With Devotech iDAS you can quickly model, design and analyse your pipe networks without importing or exporting data to other design or analysis modules or applications.  Construction drawings are dynamically updated as you finalise your project.

Typical workflow example: change design parameters and reanalyse stormwater network

Storm-Rerun analysis and updated results

Dedicated Wizards 

Devotech iDAS have multiple wizards dedicated to each workflow to streamline the modelling process, allowing engineers more time to design and analyse their projects.  The wizards ensure the identical application of design parameters to multiple design tasks.

Typical workflow example: intersection design

Roads-Intersection Wizard-Update1.gif

Bulk Design Operations

Devotech iDAS makes it easy for engineers to do bulk design operations on selected objects, or the entire network.  Devotech iDAS’ carefully designed layout ensures that the engineer always has a clear view of all the important information. Relevant profiles are dynamically generated to provide engineers with a three-dimensional view of their projects while working in a two-dimensional environment.  Devotech iDAS also provides detailed properties of similar objects to highlight any potential design problems.

Typical workflow example: create sewer house connections

Sewer-Create house connections-Update1.g

Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use Interface

Devotech iDAS has a familiar Civil 3D look and feel while providing a cockpit view over your entire project.  You can choose to design in either a model or analytical preview while having access to all design parameters, and preview multiple design properties.  Design changes are quick and easy by utilising sorting and filters on multiple parameters. Selections and edits can be applied to multiple selected objects either from the drawing area or the grid area.

Typical workflow example: change water reticulation network pipe diameter and rerun the analysis

Water-Analyse network and change pipe si
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