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Single Carriageways 

Single carriageway design can sometimes be challenging and the most important part is to keep all the objects dynamic. Devotech iDAS provides tools to link drainage and guardrail details in the profile views (longsections) dynamically with the corridor.


The other major benefit is that Devotech iDAS can link profiles dynamically with the corridor so that the profiles of the road edges are dynamic and they do not need to be recreated every time the design changes. Devotech iDAS also contains a subassembly for cut/fill based on SANRAL (South African Road Agency) requirements.

Dual Carriageway 

Dual carriageways can have very complex geometry with different horizontal and vertical alignments for each carriageway. This introduces various width and height differences at the median. Devotech iDAS has a tool to link profiles dynamically to corridors which allows it to link the median geometry to carriageways so that the entire corridor updates automatically. Other tools allow the user to link drainage and guardrail details in the profile views (longsections) dynamically to the corridor.

Devotech iDAS also provides various subassemblies which can be used for the dual carriageways:

SANRAL cut/fill subassembly

Median subassembly

Dual road longitudinal section

Urban Roads

Urban roads design requires a lot of repetitive tasks which can be minimised by using Devotech iDAS. Very often road centrelines are available as polylines. Devotech iDAS has a command which converts polylines to Autodesk® Civil 3D® corridors. All the objects are created automatically including horizontal alignments, profile views, vertical alignments, corridors, top surfaces, datum surfaces and sample lines. The designer just needs to focus on the actual design by adjusting the objects. Devotech iDAS also provides tools to create intersections automatically, to change labels for multiple alignments at once, modify multiple profile views (longsections) and section views (cross sections) in terms of height and datum, as well as tools for quick navigation within the drawing (zoom to alignment, zoom to profile view).


It is often required to design a channel on the low side of the road and a barrier curb on the high side of the road. Devotech iDAS contains a conditional subassembly which automatically determines whether the road edge is on the low side or high side and applies appropriate subassemblies.


Devotech iDAS also provides tools for plan production so that the plan and profile sheets can be created for all the roads at once.

Urban roads overview videos