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Firewall Ports

You will receive firewall port numbers with the license file. Port numbers are different for each network license file. If a firewall is used, these ports must be opened. If the user’s machine internet traffic goes through the company server, these ports must be opened on the server.

1. To open the firewall ports on the user’s machine, go to the Control Panel from the Windows Start menu:

​2. Change the View by to Small Icons:

3. Select Windows Firewall:

4. Right-click on Inbound Rule and select New Rule from the menu:

5. Select Port:

6. Use TCP, select the Specific local ports option and type in the received port numbers delimited by commas:

7. Select Allow the connection:

8. Apply these rules to all the connections:

9. Specify a Name and click Finish:

Firewall 1.png
Firewall 2.png
Firewall 3.png
Firewall 4.png
Firewall 5.png
Firewall 6.png
Firewall 7.png
Firewall 8.png
Firewall 9.png
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