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Sewer Networks

The main Devotech iDAS tools for sewer networks design and analysis are the following:

  • Extensive pipe catalogue

  • Custom pipe and structure properties like design flow and velocity, maximum flow and velocity, inflow, lateral inflow etc.

  • Convert multiple lines and polylines to pipe network

  • Swap multiple pipes or structures simultaneously

  • Create profile views (longsections) for entire network automatically

  • Regrade entire network automatically

  • Grade multiple pipes at once (forward or backwards)

  • Create sewer house connection automatically

  • Project house connections to profile views (longsections)

  • Calculate inflow from house connections

  • Sewer network analysis (steady flow, kinematic wave, dynamic wave)

  • Pipe sizing

  • Plan production which creates plan and profile sheets for all the branches at once

  • Pipe and structure quantities

  • Excavation quantities according to SABS 1200

Sewer Networks Overview Videos

Overview-Sewer Network-Part 1

Overview-Sewer Network-Part 1
Overview-Sewer Network-Part 1

Overview-Sewer Network-Part 1

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Overview-Sewer Network-Part 2

Overview-Sewer Network-Part 2

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