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Privacy Statement

How we use personal information

We strive to use personal information about you in useful ways, including:

  • For website, application and service related purposes

  • verifying eligibility to access our websites and applications

  • delivering services, support or information you have requested

  • for any related purpose that you would reasonably expect, such as general administrative functions

  • For communications

  • sending necessary business communications, such as

  • application service packs

  • notices about upcoming events like an account or subscription expiration date

  • reminders that you need to take an action such as complete a payment

  • sending platform communications, such as

  • alerts someone has commented on or “liked” a post you have made

  • someone you follow has made a post

  • someone invites you to join their group or view their content

  • sending communications with information about us, including

  • newsletters

  • voluntary surveys

  • new applications

  • special offers or promotions

  • information about events

We may personalize or refine communications content for you based on the products or services you use, subject to your communications choices. For example, we may send you “tips and tricks” communications designed to help you use our products or services more efficiently. 


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