Standalone License Registration

1. Fill in the Standalone License Request form, and submit the form.

2. Once you have received the Standalone License File from our Activation Team, save the file on your computer (any suitable location)​

3. Once you've installed iDAS and opened Autodesk® Civil 3D®, the Devotech Privacy Statement window will pop-up. 

  • Click the "I Agree" button. 

  • If you choose the "Cancel" button, you will not be able to activate Devotech iDAS. 

  • If you clicked "Cancel" by mistake and you still want to activate Devotech iDAS, then restart AutoCAD Civil 3D.

4. The Devotech iDAS Registration window will appear on your screen.

  • Select "Standalone" as the License Type.

  • Copy the Host ID of this machine to clipboard (use CTRL+C)

  • Fill in the standalone license request form, and paste the Host ID into the form and fill in the other required information, and submit the form.

  • Close the Devotech iDAS Registration window.

​5. Click the "Browse License File" button, browse to the location where you saved the license file and select the license  file.​

6. The license file information will appear in the "License File Content" window and click on the "Register License File" button to activate Devotech iDAS.

7. The license activation will take a few seconds.  If the activation was successful, a welcome message will be displayed in the "License File Content" window and the "Status" will show : "Devotech iDAS Standalone License activated"

8. Click on the Close button to close the Devotech iDAS Registration window

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