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Autopath - Swept path analysis and vehicle turning simulation software

Autopath is a professional software solution for vehicle-swept path analysis used by civil engineers, transportation professionals, architects and urban planners. 

Autopath is most commonly used to analyse vehicle manoeuvres

on roads, intersections, roundabouts, parking lots, construction sites, airports, loading bays and more.


Autopath PRO is not limited to the libraries of vehicles included with the program, you can use the software to define specialised vehicles, like cranes, telescopic trailers and more. 

Swept Path Analysis methods

Autopath features several interactive methods of swept paths analysis based on vehicle speed, road superelevation, lateral friction, and turn radius algorithms while supporting analysis simulations for multiple vehicles on the same path.

Autopath adaptive horizontal and vertical vehicle swept path analysis can be linked to the road centerline, road edge, road curb or any other user-defined line, polyline, or alignment. Desired offsets can be set for the front or the back vehicle axle. The swept path analysis will dynamically update whenever the vehicle path is changed.

EasyDrive analysis method features interactive forward and reverse vehicle turn prediction with optional "full lock on stop" capability for difficult manoeuvres. You also have the flexibility to work with previously created analyses, either through editing the existing analysis, or by continuing on and adding to it.

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