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Maintenance and Support Program

The Product Maintenance and Support Program provides users with the highest possible return on investment in Devotech technology. It is a comprehensive customer support and software maintenance program that ensures the longevity and usefulness of Devotech products. The program offers unparalleled expert assistance, accelerated learning, timely and unlimited support (technical and engineering support), and instant access to the latest Devotech software.

It is a simple, convenient, flexible and affordable way for users to keep their software up-to-date and supported, and acquire new functionality as it is developed. The program eliminates the need to make separate allowances for upgrade and new extension (module) costs, and reduces the time spent on administering licenses.

For an annual subscription fee, you can directly download new product updates, upgrades and product line extensions as they become available, smoothing the learning curve and keeping your productivity high. The subscription fee gives you the budgetary advantage of knowing what you’ve spent on software for the entire year and what you will be spending next year.

Make a smart investment - Protect your technology investment with the Product Maintenance and Support Program and:

• Access software expertise

• Receive fast personalised service

• Stay current

• Request special software functionality

• Get updated template developments

• Access to the latest pipe catalogues

• Access to specialised assemblies

• Maximise return on investment

• Increase functionality

• Improve efficiency

• Minimise disruption

• Boost uptime/productivity

• Simplify license management

• Enhance the budget process



“Thank you so much for the assistance you gave us this week - we were under so much pressure and managed to get somewhere. 

We risked tainting our reputation with our UK office, but thanks to you we look like superstars.

Thanks again for your timeous assistance, positivity and availability.  We really appreciate it!!” 


—  Joana Ferro, ARUP

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