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Software Installation

Install Devotech iDAS for Autodesk® Civil 3D® (Standalone and Cloud)

The complete Devotech iDAS Help File can be downloaded here.

After you purchase your software and/or subscription, your license becomes available on the Devotech License Portal.  (Trial versions will also be registered in the Devotech License Portal)

Before you start the installation

  • Ensure that you have Autodesk Civil 3D installed and licensed.  If you do not have Autodesk Civil 3D installed, you can download a free trial from the Autodesk website.

  • The Devotech iDAS installation supports all Autodesk Civil 3D versions from 2019 up to 2024.

  • Ensure that all previously installed versions of Devotech iDAS have been uninstalled.

  • The Devotech iDAS installation file is about 500 MB in size to download.

Download the Installer

The Devotech iDAS installation file can be downloaded here.

Typical Installation

Below are the instructions for installing Devotech iDAS for Autodesk Civil 3D 2018-2024

  • Uninstall all previously installed versions of Devotech iDAS either from the Control Panel or the Start Menu.

  • Ensure that Autodesk Civil 3D is closed before starting the installation.

  • Launch the Devotech iDAS installation file.

  • Follow the instructions in the installer.

  • Once the installation is complete, open Autodesk Civil 3D and the Devotech iDAS ribbon should appear.

  • If the Devotech iDAS ribbon does not appear in Autodesk Civil 3D, then type RELOADIDASCUI in the command line.


Silent Installation by Using a Command Line

Devotech iDAS can be installed by using a command line installation. 


The following parameters can be used:


         Disables the “This will install... Do you wish to continue?” prompt at the beginning of Setup.

Instructs Setup to be silent or very silent. When the Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed, but the installation progress window is. When a setup is very silent the installation progress window is not displayed. Everything else is normal, for example error messages during installation are displayed.

Instructs Setup to suppress message boxes. Only has an effect when combined with '/SILENT' or '/VERYSILENT'.

The default response in situations where there's a choice is:
•    Yes in a 'Keep newer file?' situation.
•    No in a 'File exists, confirm overwrite.' situation.
•    Abort in Abort/Retry situations.
•    Cancel in Retry/Cancel situations.
•    Yes (=continue) in a           DiskSpaceWarning/DirExists/DirDoesntExist/NoUninstallWarning/ExitSetupMessage/ConfirmUninstall situation.

These message boxes are not suppressible:
•    The About Setup message box.
•    The Exit Setup? message box.
Instructs Setup to close applications using files that need to be updated by Setup if possible.

Indicates whether the license is a network license or not. If "True" is provided then a network license is used, otherwise if "False" is provided a single-user license is used.

Supply an IP address of the network license server, where "" must be changed to the license server's IP address.

The host name of the network license server where "hostname" is the actual host name of the server.

The port of the network license server, default is 1245

Example of a Standalone Silent Setup:

Example of Network Silent Setup:


For any further queries or problems with the installation procedure, contact us at


Registration instructions can be found here

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“Thank you so much for the assistance you gave us this week - we were under so much pressure and managed to get somewhere. 

We risked tainting our reputation with our UK office, but thanks to you we look like super stars.

Thanks again for your timeous assistance, positivity and availability.  We really appreciate it!!” 


—  Joana Ferro, ARUP

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