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Catchment properties for EPASWMM method in Civil 3D using iDAS

We received a request to record a training video on how to define catchment properties for the EPASWMM runoff method in Devotech iDAS version 12, to run the stormwater network analysis in Autodesk® Civil 3D® using iDAS.

This video is also available on our Training on Demand site, Stormwater training channel (video 13b):

You can also use the direct link:

Time stamps:

00:15 Turn of parcel area fill

00:32 Create flow path polylines

06:30 Filters in Pipe Manager Catchments tab

07:03 Add flow paths

07:41 Add inlet structures

08:58 Equivalent width

12:32 Unit rainfall, rainfall distribution and rainfall depth

15:47 Impervious areas properties

17:35 Pervious areas properties

18:49 Horton infiltration



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