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Civil 3D takes a long time to start up

This issue can occur if you changed your default pipe network catalog, changed your default template, or installed a third-party application such as Devotech iDAS.

If your default Autodesk® Civil 3D® template does not contain any part list, Civil 3D creates a new part list in the drawing. The part list is based on the template used, and it imports every part family available in the default pipe network catalog (we believe that this should be seen as a bug in Civil 3D). If you use the default Autodesk pipe network catalog, it should not be a problem as this catalog contains only a few part families. However, if you use a custom catalog or if you use the Devotech iDAS Pipe Catalog which contains more than 800 part families, the opening time can take 10-20 minutes.

To solve this problem, set a template that contains at least one part list as a default template for QNEW. In the example below, the Devotech iDAS Civil 3D template with part lists is used.

Open the Civil 3D Options window, go to the Files tab, select Template Settings - Default Template File Name for QNEW and browse for your template:

The Devotech iDAS Templates can be found in this folder:




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