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Devotech SANRAL Cut/Fill Subassembly Update (Version 19)

Updated: May 27, 2022

We updated our SANRAL Cut/Fill subassembly over the past few months.

The level drain backslope slope is now driven by the Shallow Cut Drain Backslope Slope and not the Cut Slope. This change will provide more flexibility to the designers in solving the problems as shown in the image below:

The Shallow Cut Drain Backslope Slope parameter displayed in the properties window:

We added six parameters to the subassembly to allow users to use the different cut slopes for various regions:

Deep Cut Range1 Max Depth

Deep Cut Range2 Max Depth

Deep Cut Range3 Max Depth

Deep Cut Range1 Slope

Deep Cut Range2 Slope

Deep Cut Range 3 Slope

The parameters displayed in the Properties Window:

These parameters allow users to change the deep cut slope based on the deep cut depth. There are three ranges available. If the depth falls into the specific range, the slope is applied for the entire deep cut:

Example of the range 0-2 m:

Example of the range 2-5 m:

If the Shallow Cut Max Depth is set to 1.5 m and the Deep Cut Range1 Max Depth is set to 2 m, the Deep Cut Range1 Slope is only used for the depth 1.5-2 m.

We added a parameter to allow users to define where the point for the cut depth calculation is positioned. The previous subassembly versions calculated the cut depth at the Shoulder Break Point, see the blue arrow in the image below. The red arrow shows the offset and depth measurement if a value bigger than 0 is used:

The parameter name is:

Shallow and Deep Cut Depth Measurement Offset (0 = Shoulder Break Point)

The updated Devotech SANRAL Cut/Fill v19 subassembly can be downloaded from our Download site:




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