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Dynamic drainage and guardrail details in Civil 3D Profile View

How to dynamically link profile view guardrail and drainage details to Autodesk® Civil 3D® corridors:

Our training video, 'How to create dynamic dual carriageway profile views', covers various topics including how to link drainage and guardrail details to Civil 3D corridors. The covered workflow can be used for single and dual carriageways. This video is part of our Corridor and Roads training videos which can be accessed through the link below:

(login is required, sign up is for free):

We added timestamps to make navigation easier for the users:

The topics covered in the video:

  • Terminology and project introduction

  • Create bottom profile view

  • Create Empty profile to clean up bands

  • Create top profile view

  • Turn off unnecessary profiles

  • Create surface profile at right inside edge

  • Display legend

  • Display vertical profile grades band labels

  • Final road level labels

  • Horizontal geometry band labels

  • Specify geometry points to label in band

  • Display right inside edge offset

  • Create right centreline profile

  • Display right centreline offset

  • Create right outside edge profile

  • Display right outside edge offset

  • Display guardrail details

  • Update profiles dynamically linked to corridor

  • Display side drain details

  • Clean up side drain label overlappings

  • Display median type

  • Set left direction arrow

  • Edit bottom profile view legend

  • Adjust profile view frame (left vertical line)

  • Create surface profile at left inside road edge

  • Display vertical profile grades band labels

  • Add surface profile labels

  • Display values for top bands

  • Drainage details (culverts)

  • Set right direction arrow

  • Display profile view full grid

Below is an example of a completely dynamic dual carriageway profile view created in Civil 3D:


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