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Export a Civil 3D drawing to AutoCAD

There are various ways to export a Civil 3D drawing to AutoCAD. Unfortunately, there are cases in which some options do not work, they either cause a fatal error or they create a corrupted AutoCAD drawing. The different options are explained below.

OPTION 1: Go to the Output ribbon and use the Export Civil 3D Drawing command:

OPTION 2: Use the File - Export - Export to AutoCAD - 2010 Format command (to display the Civil 3D menu bar, type MENUBAR in the command line and enter value 1):

OPTION 3: Save the Civil 3D drawing as a new drawing and use the AECOBJEXPLODE command (this command explodes all Civil 3D objects).


  1. Save the Civil 3D drawing as a new drawing, e.g. Drawing1.dwg.

  2. Detach all the external references.

  3. Create a new drawing, e.g. Drawing2.dwg.

  4. Type INSERT in the command line, browse for Drawing1.dwg, tick off Insertion point and Scale and tick on the Explode option:

Note: If you ticked the Explode option and the drawing does not explode, use the AECOBJEXPLODE command.




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