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How to create a Civil 3D table for a specific structure type

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

In certain instances you need to create a structure table for a specific structure type, e.g.: air valves, scour valve, manholes, house connections etc. You can select the structures manually in the Model Space, but it might be very time consuming especially on larger projects. Instead you can use the Select Similar command before launching the Add Structure Table command, which will make the selection process quicker. Go to Model Space, select the structure you want to create a table for, right click and use the Select Similar command:

This command selects all the structures of the same type:

You can press Escape to deselect the structures. Do not make a new object selection because Civil 3D will only remember what was last selected. Go to the Annotate ribbon and create a structure table with the Add Tables - Pipe Network - Add Structure command:

Specify the Table Style; use the Multiple Selection option; and click on selection icon (green cube with white arrow):

When the Command Line prompts you to select objects, press P on the keyboard which means Previous Selection:

The Command Line will indicate the number of objects found:

Press Enter to confirm the selection and create the table (the Split table option was ticked off in this example but it can be left on) :

Final table:

If you need to use a more detailed selection filtering, use the Quick Select command from the right click menu in the Model Space:

Civil 3D will display the number of objects not selected. Click OK to close this window:

As an Object type use Structure; under Properties select any option; use the required Operator; and define the Value (the example below uses the structure Name with the Wildcard Match so all the structures from Branch 1 will be selected):

Selected structures:

After the selection, use the same steps as mentioned before to create a Structure Table.




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