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iDAS Introduction for new users

If you are new to Devotech iDAS, watch the video below to understand what files are installed with iDAS (subassemblies, CTB file, reports), where to find learning resources, how to request technical support and many other related topics.


00:18 iDAS ribbon, menu and toolbars

01:08 iDAS Help file

02:43 iDAS Resources (Support folder)

03:03 iDAS Subassemblies

03:55 iDAS Help file location

04:06 Devotech CTB file (plot style)

04:22 Devotech reports for corridor quantities

04:49 Devotech Civil 3D templates

06:01 Change default template in Civil 3D

07:26 Drawing source template number

08:08 Pipe network catalogue

09:09 Learning resources

10:40 Learning paths

11:11 Training videos (training on demand)

13:20 iDAS support files download

14:18 Technical support

14:54 Services we deliver


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