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New training videos for corridor and intersection design

We are very excited to share new training videos with you. These videos cover road and intersection design in Autodesk Civil 3D using the Devotech iDAS Corridor Wizard and Devotech iDAS Intersection Wizard. As you might know, iDAS uses Civil 3D objects to create corridors and intersections, but iDAS simplifies the entire workflow and speeds up the design process to a great extent.

The total length of these videos is over 200 minutes and they cover basic as well as advanced topics such as:

• Intersection in a horizontal curve

• Intersection with widening

• Intersection with existing road

• Loop road intersection (yes, you can do it with iDAS Intersection Wizard)

Below is a list of all the new training videos:

  1. Create road corridors-Part 1

  2. Create road corridors-Part 2

  3. Adjust superelevation

  4. Adjust vertical alignments

  5. Create bellmouth polylines

  6. Create intersection assemblies

  7. Create intersections-Part 1

  8. Create intersections-Part 2

  9. Typical issues causing Intersection Wizard to fail

  10. Delete intersection

  11. Update intersection

  12. Create intersection with widening

  13. Create intersection with existing road

  14. Create loop road intersection

These videos are free of charge for our iDAS users. Use the link below to access these new videos on our Training on Demand portal:

We hope that these new videos will help shorten the design process and minimise laborious workflows.

If you find an intersection that Devotech iDAS can not do, please let us know on We like challenges.


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