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Pipes not extending to the structure symbol

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

This is a fairly common issue which occurs when changing the drawing scale. Generally it can be fixed using the Audit command, unfortunately, in some cases it doesn’t solve the problem, neither does other commands such as Redraw or Recover, etc.:

After conducting some tests, we concluded that changing the structures Sump Depth fixes the problem. Select the structure, right-click and go to the Structure Properties command:

Go to the Part Properties tab and change the Sump Depth to a different value (take note of the original value):

Close the Structure Properties window. The pipes will now extend to the structure symbols:

Do not forget to go back to the Structure Properties window and change the sump depth to its original value.

If you need to change the Sump Depth for multiple structures at a time, use the Devotech iDAS Adjust Inverts command:

Select the network, tick Adjust structure sump depth and set the value to a different value (keep in mind that you can only select structures with the same value, change the value and then back to the original value):

Fixed network:




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