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Remove dynamic link for corridor solids

Autodesk Civil 3D allows the creation of solids from a corridor, which are dynamically linked to the corridor. Meaning that if you change the corridor, the solids will update automatically.

This is a very practical feature, however the dynamic link cannot be removed using a simple switch. We tested a few drawings and developed two workflows, simplified and advanced. In some drawings the simplified workflow worked well, but it failed in certain drawings. Our suggestion is to try the simplified workflow first, if it doesn't work use the advance workflow.

Simplified workflow:

1. Delete all the solids

2. Switch off corridor regions and rebuild the corridor

3. Switch the corridor regions on again and rebuild the corridor

Advanced workflow:

1. Delete all the solids

2. Save and close the drawing

3. Reopen the drawing

4. Switch off the corridor regions

5. Select the corridor from the Prospector (because it is switched off), and create new solids from the corridor but do not tick dynamic link:

6. Switch on the corridor regions and rebuild the corridor (new solids will be created)

7. Delete the new solids

8. Rebuild the corridor and Civil 3D will not create any solids




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