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Rename Civil 3D alignments and profile views from pipe network structures

When you create plan production profile views, you might need to display the start and end structure names at the bottom of the profile view, e.g.: KI1.1-Outfall:

Devotech iDAS offers two options to achieve this. You can either rename the alignments, or you can rename the profile views. Both options can be performed with the Devotech iDAS Rename Alignment command:

Specify the source network and whether you want to rename the alignments or profile views or both:

If all your profile views start and end at the start and end of the source alignments, using the alignment will provide the correct result. However, if you have multiple profile views along one alignment because the entire alignment did not fit on one sheet, you must use the profile view name.

If you use the Devotech iDAS template, the profile view label displays the source alignment name as default. If you want to display the profile view name, you must adjust the profile view style as per the image below:

Profile view label displaying profile view name:



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