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Devotech  South African Country Kit Download Page

Devotech Group of Companies is an independent developer of Civil Engineering Software for the international civil engineering community.  Our main focus is developing software for Autodesk® Civil 3D®.

Devotech has been developing Country Kits for South Africa since Autodesk Civil 3D 2004 when Devotech introduced Autodesk Civil 3D to South Africa.  Devotech was contracted by Autodesk to develop these Country Kits for inclusion on the release products of Autodesk Civil 3D until  2010.

Due to special needs for South Africa, like our unique coordinate system, which was outside of the development scope of Autodesk, Devotech took the initiative to develop a fully functional South African Country Kit (Devotech SA Country Kit) for their customers.  South African authorities (like Rand Water, SANRAL, eThekwini and many more), municipalities and consulting engineers were deeply involved in the development of the Devotech SA Country Kit.

The Devotech SA Country Kit is continuously being developed with new features based on the wishes of our customers and redistributed to our user base. With more than 260 upgrades on our template to date, Devotech ensures that our customers are equipped with a feature-rich product, that enables them to focus on their projects, and not on editing styles, or creating pipe catalogs.

As a service to the Civil Engineering Community, Devotech has decided to make the Devotech SA Country Kit available free of charge to all users of Autodesk Civil 3D.  The Devotech SA Country Kit is available for Autodesk Civil 3D 2014 -2019.    

The Devotech SA Country Kit consists of the following:

  • The Devotech Template that contains more than 1600 styles, and 1120 settings for town planning, grading, roads (township, single and dual carriageway) and pipe networks,

  • Pipe Catalogs for stormwater, sewer and water networks which includes rectangular and trapezoidal channels and culverts.

  • A comprehensive manual with samples of the styles available, as well as workflows on how to use the template to master more complex functionality not available in the standard version of  Autodesk Civil 3D.


  • Devotech is NOT an Autodesk reseller,

  • Devotech does not spam their client user base, and will only use your information to communicate information regarding updates of the Devotech SA Country Kit. 

iDAS 12 Ribbon.png

You can also upgrade your Autodesk Civil 3D with Devotech iDAS to enable automated design functionality within your Autodesk Civil 3D interface, as well as dynamic features which is not possible within the standard Autodesk Civil 3D software. 

Devotech iDAS allows advanced design features for:

For more information see our Devotech iDAS Overview 

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