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Civil 3D COGO point chainage and offset

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

It often happens that you might need to create a report of the objects that are present along the alignment such as poles, manholes, trees, utility boxes etc. Most of the time you must report the chainage and offset from the centreline or from the road edge. The most convenient option for creating this report is to use Autodesk® Civil 3D COGO points.

By default, COGO points do not have chainage and offset properties, but if you use the Devotech iDAS Civil 3D template, these properties are available in the Edit Points window (note that there are no values when you create new COGO points):

To add chainage and offset values to the COGO point properties, use the iDAS Points - Points Station Offset command:

Select COGO points, confirm the selection and specify the point group and reference alignment:

If you open the Edit Points window, you will see that the Alignment, Chainage and Offset columns have values:

You can select all the points in the Edit Points window, copy them to the clipboard and save them to other software (Libre Office Calc, Microsoft Excel, Notepad).

You can also display chainage and offset labels in the plan:

If you do not have the Chainage | Offset label in your drawing, you can create a new label style with the Chainage and Offset values (they are available in the Properties list as seen in the image below):


If you need to report COGO point offset from the road edge, use the road edge offset alignment as a reference alignment. If you do not have road edge alignments, you can create them from the centreline.



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