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Import pipe network from SHP file

Updated: Sep 6

When importing pipe networks from an SHP file, the pipe diameter mapping might not work the best. Several reasons for this may be: multiple pipe materials, nominal diameters not matching available sizes, various network types in one file, etc. You might end up swapping the pipes manually to assign the correct diameter, which can be very time-consuming.

Devotech iDAS has the functionality to swap pipes based on the text representing the pipe diameter (the text must be close to the pipe center point).

Watch the video below on the entire workflow, from importing SHP file and filtering the data to swapping the pipe diameters to the correct sizes. The example below shows how to create a gas pipe network, but the workflow can be used for any network type (stormwater, sewer, water reticulation or any utility network).

This video is also available on our Training on Demand site, Pipe Networks channel.

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