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New Bulk Water pipeline training videos with Civil 3D and iDAS (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 6

The latest Devotech iDAS 12.4 Update 1 (see details about this release) contains new features for working with pipe networks, with a bit more focus on bulk water pipeline design.

To help our clients get the maximum benefit from these new features, we decided to create new training videos for bulk water pipeline design. We recorded over 40 videos that cover the design of bulk water pipelines. The analysis and plan production are not covered in these videos. The videos are for beginners as well as advanced users.

The first 22 videos has been uploaded and cover the following topics:

01-iDAS Civil 3D templates

02-Pipe network catalogue and part lists


04-Convert polyline to pipe network

05-Design pipe network horizontal alignment

06-Create pipe network profile view

07-Display constant cover in profile view

08-Display variable cover in profile view

09-Import services from SHP file

10-Use COGO points for services

11-Create pipe network vertical alignment

12-Convert hor. and vert. alignment to pipe network (entire network)

13-Convert hor. and vert. alignment to pipe network (between two structures)

14-Pipe, structure, and network properties

15-Swap pipes and structures (reservoir, tank, valves)

16-Swap all horizontal bends at once

17-Add, move, and delete structures in plan

18-Add and delete additional branches

19-Add, move, and delete structures in profile view

20-Adjust multiple pipes and structures vertically

21-Adjust pipe slope and grade pipes

22-Assign elevations from vertical alignment

The videos are available on our training on-demand video channel:

We also uploaded the training videos to our YouTube channel:

If the feedback from our clients is positive, we will continue utilising our YouTube channel. Each platform has pros and cons. The big benefit of our on-demand video channel is that users can use "tags" to find specific videos quickly:



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