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New Bulk Water pipeline training videos with Civil 3D and iDAS (Part 2)

As per our previous blog post, we have uploaded another 14 Bulk Water pipeline design training videos that cover the following topics:

23-Add additional pipes at vertical curve

24-Add pipe bridge

25-Convert straight pipes to curved pipes

26-Find pipes and structures in plan or profile

27-Interference check

28-Add pipe and structure labels

29-Rename pipes and structures

30-Add pipe and structure tables

31-Display pipe network details in profile view bands

32-Remove selected bands and adjust profile view style

33-Update bend details in profile view bands

34-Fix question marks displayed in Distance band

35-Fix question marks displayed in Ground Level band

36-Display pipe network levels at interval in profile view

The videos are available on our training on-demand video channel:

We also uploaded the training videos to our YouTube channel:

You can use tags to quickly search for a specific topic or video in our training on-demand portal:



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