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Unhandled exception - Coordinate system conversion failed

If your design does not fit within the coordinate system boundary, the Devotech iDAS Pipe Manager might display the following message:

Unhandled exception - The coordinate system conversion failed

There are two options to fix this error:

Option 1

If you do not need to display a backdrop image in the Pipe Manager, consider using the coordinate system that covers the entire world. Unfortunately, this solution does not always works:

Option 2

The video below demonstrates what causes this error. Move all the AutoCAD entities to the area covered by the coordinate system assigned to your drawing.

Note: In South Africa, the Lo zones are 2 degrees, therefor all the objects must fall inside the strip -105 000 m and 105 000 m (measured from the central meridian which starts at 0,0).

This video is also available on our Training on Demand site, Surfaces and Survey channel.




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