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Add road edge offset to profile view bands

Autodesk® Civil 3D® does not have tools to automatically display the road edge offset (lane width) in the profile view. There is however an option to display the offset alignment distance from the road centerline in the profile view bands, but this distance is measured perpendicularly to the offset alignment and not the road centerline. This causes discrepancies, which results in the cross section values not matching the profile view values.

We developed a workflow that uses the sample line widths to display the road edge offset:

The video below shows how to add the offset values to the profile view:

Video timestamps:

00:23 Description of two widening options

00:41 Create profile view band set with offsets

04:02 Export band settings

04:20 Import new band set

04:32 Import band settings

05:28 Create sample lines

08:28 Create corridor for sample lines stations

11:01 Create sample lines at corridor stations

12:28 Create sample lines at PVIs

15:23 Create sample lines for roads without offset alignments

This video is also available on our Training on-Demand site, Profile Views channel.


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