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Change horizontal alignment labels for multiple alignments in Civil 3D

Working on a project often requires changing horizontal alignment labels (chainage format, geometry point labels etc.) during the project work. Autodesk Civil 3D only allows changing the labels one alignment at a time. It can be very inconvenient for projects with multiple alignments. Devotech iDAS has a Change Labels command which allows changing the labels for multiple alignments at once:

You can also preselect the alignments before you run this command (e.g. you can select them from the Prospector). Press P to recall the previous selection when you are prompted to select the alignments:

After you have selected the alignments you can specify the label set. You can then also decide whether you want to include the offset alignments in the selection:

Once you click OK, the specified label set is applied to all the selected alignments, see the video below for the entire workflow:




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