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Import subassemblies and assemblies into Civil 3D

Devotech iDAS is shipped with various subassemblies, such as:

  • Conditional curb subassembly (it can use different curb types for the low and high sides of the road)

  • Devotech lane subassembly (it has inside and outside shift width that can be used for dual carriageways design)

  • SANRAL Cut Fill subassembly

  • and many more

These subassemblies are stored in the .pkt files. The first part of the video below shows how to import the .pkt files into Civil 3D.

Devotech iDAS also provides a drawing with the curb subassemblies and with the road assemblies. These assemblies can be used as a starting point for your assemblies. The second part of the video below shows how to import subassemblies from another drawing. This workflow can be used for any Civil 3D assemblies (they do not need to come from Devotech iDAS).

This video is also available on our Training on Demand site, Assemblies channel:


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