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Reverse vertical alignment direction

When you reverse a horizontal alignment, Civil 3D does not reverse the vertical alignment, this is a known issue in Civil 3D. Devotech developed a workflow to reverse the vertical alignment.

Go to Toolbox - Reports Manager - Profiles and select the PVI_Station command:

Copy PVI data from the text file to a tabular Editor (Open Office Calc, MS Excel):

The PVI data in Excel:

Replace the “+” sign with “nothing” in the chainage column:

The result without a "+" sign:

In open columns on the side, subtract the end station from the chainage and multiply it by "-1" (this step reverses the chainage values):

Clean up the sheet to only display the Station, Elevation and Curve Length columns. Remove the column headings:

Sort data by the first column so the chainage increases from top to bottom:

Save the Excel spread sheet to a .csv file:

Change the .csv extension to .txt, open the file in Notepad and replace the comma with a space:

The resulting file (save it and close it):

Import the profile from the .txt file:


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